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so i was told about my last myspace blog. so i deleted the whole damn lot of them and posted a new one. read it if you want. -mick

Eddie Guerrero...

Didn't know him personally, but as Glenn said.... Watching him and the success he reached shows you that talent and dedication can still get you somewhere. Another pointless loss of life in wrestling and it's a shame.... Buon anima. -Mick


I just got back from Margaritaville and I'm a little bit hdrunk...... Jimmy D didn't come out because he has a conscience and I don't......Now i was just on the iwc website in my drunken dustuper ( i can' tspepl right now) and saw a thread on the iwc website that read "revengeance results"..... and the shadow was the only one who posted..... not coming down on anyone b/c i respect all workers.... but the only people the shadow compimented were people who can flip....

who the fuck is the shadow to critique anyone? he's a hook nosed, 130 pound nothing who sits in the last row with his buddy and some girl and spews forth his rhetoric that everyone takes as the fucking gospel....... he didn't come down on marshall or i, but really only said that matches which were good had guys who can flip..... not that there's anything wrong with guys who can flip or that they're not as good of a worker as i am... i respect all apsects..... but shadow laid out criticism like he's been a worker for decades..... and i hope thise reaches shadow, despite that im' drunk...... fuck you, shadow..... sit in your little third row seat and deride guys who get in that ring and bust their ass to give you a wrestling mathc..... shadow is a little cunt who uses the anonymity the internet provides as a buffer between him and real men.... being that negative must be some sort of mental condidtion because everything i ever read that comes form him is pure negativity and bullshit...... Shadow, when you bust your ass to get into that ring, then come talk to me.... then critique.... then say what a guy needs to work on.... until then, you're just a cock sucking mark who thinks they know what it takes to make it in wrestling because they watch it.... .fuck you. -Mick Fucking Gambino


I'm pretty irritated right now.... and I'm too lazy to retype it or copy and paste.... if you want to know, check out ole' Mickey Gambino's Myspace gimmick.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans.......

I'm going to keep this relatively short, because there isn't too much to say and normally I don't have anything intelligent to say; I just had make this post because the vast majority of Pittsburgh Steelers fans will cheer and celebrate certain players when they win, then demonize certain players when they lose.

Last week when the Steelers locked up against the Jaguars, the fans of Pittsburgh had not a single doubt that the regular season winning streak would live to see another matchup. The divine Ben Roethlisberger wasn't able to play because of a knee injury and Tommy Maddox would be stepping in for him. And he clearly, that day, did not play nearly to what he is capable of. But to me, what matters is that he tried to turn the game around and he kept on playing the game with all of his heart.

The week (this week) following the game, I've heard countless people demonize Tommy Maddox and blaming him for the loss. Did his poor execution have a part in the loss? Yes. Is he to blame? Far from it. The whole game looked sloppy, and when a team loses it's the team to blame (Many fans also don't take into account the erradic wind currents that swirl through the stadium). However, if you want to ostracize any member of the Steelers organization, it should be Bill Cowher. It's his responsibility to gauge how well the team is working as a unit, and individual performance, then make decisions on who (if anyone) should be replaced. Instead, he didn't want to admit he made a mistake by putting in Maddox and didn't pull him. Cowher, bull headed like we all can be, wanted to stand behind his choice for the whole game even if it might've contributed to the loss. Maddox isn't going to take himself out of the game because that shows he: (1) Lost faith in himself (2) Lost hope that they could win (3) Isn't his job!!!! Can he suggest that he be replaced? I suppose. Did he? I have no clue, but it's possible that while on the sidelines they had a private conversation. Point remains that Cowher didn't take him out of the game.

Then you've got the Stadium-Seat-Coach-Or-Quarterback who voices his disgust for how the game is turning out by deriding who else, but Tommy Maddox. And the classic line is, "He gets paid millions so he should play better than that." Tommy Maddox is playing and getting paid a large sum (which really is nobody's business) because he CAN! If you take any one of those peons who'll berate a player either on the internet or in a phone call to a radio show and put them on the field- not a single pass or handoff would probably ever be made. Tommy still made plays, but unfortunately he made mistakes as well.

What's sad is, had Tommy played an amazing game the fans would be clamouring to bring him back in the game permanently. And what's more, is that when Ben plays a bad game, the fans will turn on him so fast his head will twist right off.

Ending point being.... Unless you are playing, or have played, professional football in the quarterback position, keep your mouth shut. -Mick

I'd need to know why I'm killing someone....

38% Good, 60% Chaotic
Plane of Existence: The Gray Waste, "Hades". Description: Here, all emotion and compassion is drained away, until only hopelessnes, selfishness and apathy remain.

Examples of Neutral-Evils (Ethically Neutral, Morally Evil)

Long John Silver
Stalin (revolutionary/governor)

Puts self-interest before all else. Will only cooperate when material rewards are high. Untrustworthy; has contempt or fear for all others. The ultimate motive is self-preservation and promotion of their schemes. There are no barriers to their actions. Amoral.

Will not necessarily keep their word
Would attack an unarmed foe
Will use poisons
Will not help those in need
May work with others
Indifferent to higher authority
Indifferent or organizations

Neutral Evil

A neutral evil [person] does whatever she can get away with. She is out for herself, pure and simple. She sheds no tears for those she kills, whether for profit, sport, or convenience. She has no love of order and holds no illusion that following laws, traditions, or codes would make her any better or more noble. On the other hand, she doesn't have the restless nature or love of conflict that a chaotic evil villain has.

A thief and a mercenary is an example of a Neutral Evil [person].

Some neutral evil villains hold up evil as an ideal, committing evil for its own sake. Most often, such villains are devoted to evil deities or secret societies.

Neutral evil is pure pragmatism without honor and without variation - survival of the fittest.

Other Alignments and Tendencies (Tendenices are what you would more often sway towards; esp. for Neutrals):
0-39% Good, 0-39% Chaotic: Lawful-Evil
0-39% Good, 61-100% Chaotic: Chaotic-Evil
40-60% Good, 0-39% Chaotic: Lawful-Neutral
40-60% Good, 40-60% Chaotic: True Neutral
40-60% Good, 61-100% Chaotic: Chaotic-Neutral
61-100% Good, 0-39% Chaotic: Lawful-Good
61-100% Good, 40-60% Chaotic: Neutral-Good
61-100% Good, 61-100% Chaotic: Chaotic-Good

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 10% on Good

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You scored higher than 72% on Chaotic
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